The Brick and Block Masonry Apprenticeship Program provides the credential necessary to become a Journeyman Mason. A student must be employed or seeking employment with a licensed, participating masonry company. Individual classes cover the requirements of the Brick and Block Apprenticeship Program Standards developed by the Florida Department of Education along with addressing the specific needs of the industry. Classes meet in the evening as students must be employed in the field while in training and on alternating Saturdays.

The eight-storey building consists of two wings: one with flats for musicians accessed via a gallery and the other is served action ac heating repairs through a central corridor. The ground floor has two-storey apartments with direct entrances from the street and the courtyard. The sizes of the flats vary from 30 to 75 square metres and each one has a private balcony.

The building has extensive communal spaces and terraces, such as laundry and sauna to more more details facilities and club rooms. In the basement there are rehearsal rooms for playing music. The building shares a communal deck-structured courtyard with the other buildings of the urban block. Below the deck there’s a parking garage.

Beach House